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Modular Learning hosts a wide variety of STEM outreach activities meant to introduce young students to the world of engineering. Below are some examples of our many community outreach efforts.

Lego Robotics Classes 
We teach weekly classes at a local Chinese school on beginner and intermediate EV3 Robotics. The lessons are taught through project-based learning, allowing the students to learn how to build and program their robots while having fun.

Coaching FLL and FLL Jr.
As two of our current members have a combined 7 years of experience in FLL, passing our knowledge and experience is an important asset to the team. We formed and have been coaching Team TOFU, an FLL team of 7 middle school students, who have competed for two years and advanced to an international competition.
This season, we have also formed an FLL Jr. team, who are being coached by a former member of Team TOFU, as well as another former FLL participant.

Workshops for Rookie FTC Teams
In order to leverage our years of experience in FTC, we have created a “Rookie Tips and Tricks”
workshop to give rookie teams an idea of how the game works, how to design their robot, create an engineering notebook, and what parts they should buy, along with other helpful things we wished we knew in our rookie year. We have conducted our workshop twice this season.

Hello Robot
Thinking of robotics as expensive and complicated is a larger barrier to overcome in the engineering
community. Modular Learning addresses this problem directly by developing a simple robot kit to teach students the simplicity of robotics, inspiring them to participate in STEM in the future. Over the three years we have developed this project, we have distributed over 500 kits to students all around the county. Through this project, we were able to win the Asian American Entrepreneurship Contest as well.